Glass Display Cabinets

DesignEx Workshop, Glass Display CabinetsGlass Display Cabinets, our unique DesignEx System allows us to build strong, secure cabinets with superior design features. Whatever your requirements your cabinet will come with the following benefits:

Built to Order Glass Display Cabinets

We build all our Glass Display Cabinets to order, including our standard range models, which enables us to easily build to your specific requirements. You can select the size, finish, lighting, even the number of shelves you require and we deliver the finished cabinet direct to your door.

Lighting, Glass Display CabinetsA Range of Lighting Options

Choose from a range of lighting options to help achieve your desired effect, whether it’s a well-lit retail display geared for maximum sales with a real punch of powerful LED lighting or a soft light to display your cherished collection at home.

A Range of Finishes

Choose from a wide range of finishes including white, beech, black, aluminium, maple and oak as standard. Other finishes may be sourced upon request.

Glass Display Cabinets Supplied Fully Built

All cabinets are made by hand and arrive at your door built and ready to use.

Invisible Shelf Support, Glass Display CabinetsInvisible Shelf Support

All shelves are fully retained by our unique unobtrusive design, which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also extremely effective.

Hidden Lighting Cables

Lighting cables are entirely hidden within the corner post section and can exit the cabinet from the base or from the top if requested.

Our Glass Display Cabinets are made of solid Construction

The majority of cabinets use the glass itself to support the cabinet. Our unique design features a strong aluminium frame which is locked solid by the glass being tightly glazed into the frame, this offers vastly superior strength and stability.

Superior Load Capacity, Bespoke Glass Display CabinetsSuperior Load Capacity

The Shelves are supported directly with our unique corner post design, allowing the full load capacity of the glass shelf to be utilised.

Minimal Dust Entry

Our cabinets are built with sealed corners to minimise dust entry and protect your valuable content.

Easy to Move

Cabinets may be tipped to any angle without shelf movement handy if you ever have to move your cabinet.

Secure Display Cabinets, Bespoke Glass Display CabinetsHigh Security Locks

Our highly engineered locks are available with thousands of different key combinations, making it highly unlikely that anyone else will have the same key as you! All of these locks can also be keyed alike with matching keys, if required.

Designed for Superior Security

Another exclusive feature, in the form of a “rebated lip”, fitted to the corner post in order to meet and conceal the edge of the sliding glass doors, designed to help prevent any “wire hooks” from being inserted.

Designed and Built in the UK, Bespoke Glass Display CabinetsGlass Display Cabinets are designed and built in the UK

Our workshop is located near Stroud in Gloucestershire in the UK, all cabinets are built on site to your specification.

Highest Quality & Safety Standards

Our display cabinets conform to the highest quality and safety standards: BS7449:1991 and BS6206:1981