Allan Little, our Group Production Director, is always up for a challenge, especially if it involves running. In his own words he tells us about his latest venture which has a very personal goal at its heart:

I am running 100K (62 miles) in a day around the Chiltern countryside to raise money for an underfunded charity called Papyrus which is prevention of suicide of young people (under 35’s).


I took up running 8 years ago after suffering from mental health issues which resulted in me considering the unthinkable. You could say running saved my life and since that very first half Marathon, I have run that distance nearly 60 times, ran 5 Full Marathons and completed my first Ultra last year (53 miles).

It’s fair to say, running that distance nearly broke me so typically I needed to take it to the next level but this time with the motivator of giving something back to mental health.

Other than the obvious connections one of the other reasons for choosing Papyrus was because my friend and colleague Nathan Hewett’s brother, Darren Hewett took his own life last year after years of suffering from mental illness. I was honoured to be asked to run in his memory and if he’s watching/listening, you will be the one getting me through the dark times on race day.

I have been training for nearly 4 months having covered nearly 500 miles in all winds and weathers, the race is just days away and the nerves and mind games have kicked in.

Thank you to those that have already donated or shared our media pages, we were looking to raise the adventurous target of £3000 and presently have £1766 in online donations and around £60 in our bucket.

If anyone feels sorry for me or thinks the charity and or Darren is a worthy cause, then feel free to follow the link to help us to help others.

If you have already donated as I know some of you have, then maybe you might pass this on to someone you know who would like to help.