Design Features

Aluminium Corner Posts – Our stylish slim line corner posts really do add an air of distinction to our products while offering essential structural support. These are finished in silver anodised.

Integral Shelf Supports – All shelves are fully retained by our unique unobtrusive design. Cabinets can be tipped to any angle without any shelf movement. Ideal for when moving.

Hidden Cables – Lighting cables are completely hidden within the corner post section.

Locks – Only high quality chrome plated plunge locks (for sliding doors) or pin locks (for hinged doors) are used, these remain permanently fitted to the doors. Simple to use and totally secure. All locks have the option to be keyed individually or alike.

Designex Cabinets pin lock

Burgle Stop – Another unique feature, fitted to the edge of sliding doors, designed to prevent any “wire hooks” etc from being inserted. This is also extremely effective at preventing dust from entering the cabinet when closed.

Finger Pulls – Neat chrome plated finger pulls permits easy opening of sliding doors.

Easy Slide Or Hinged Doors – All our doors are extremely easy to slide open, and for narrow cabinets, hinged doors can be fitted to give extra opening access.

Solid Backs – A solid back to a cabinet up against a wall not only gives an enhanced backdrop to display against but can also help hide any conflicting or distracting décor.


Lighting – Lighting, especially for the retailer, is perhaps the single most important aspect to consider, as you must display well to sell well. Therefore it is critical to achieve the correct lighting condition inside the cabinet, whether it be a soft light to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home or a bright but well light display to attract serious attention into a shop. We offer various different lighting options from spot lights in the corner posts to downlights in the head. We use low wattage LED bulbs in all of our cabinets, not only is this best for the environment, it is also the most sufficient way to truly display any item with ease.